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Post-surgical Diet Plan

After surgery you will have to make permanent changes in your eating habits in order to achieve a successful weight loss that can be maintained over time. It is very important to follow all the recommendations and instructions provided by the doctor who will provide you with an individual diet plan depending on your surgical procedure.

Your stomach capacity has been reduced, so you will experience fullness symptoms after eating really small amounts of food, which is normal and expected. It is important to eat slowly and pay attention to satiety signals, and stop eating even when there is still food on the plate.

After a bariatric surgical procedure, it is usual to follow a transition diet, by which the consistency of foods will be gradually increased until you eat a regular balanced diet, based on solid foods.

The transition diet has 5 stages:

  • 1.Clear liquids diet
  • 2.Full liquids diet
  • 3.Pureed foods diet
  • 4.Soft foods diet
  • 5.Regular foods diet

The doctor will let you know for how long you must remain in each of the stages.