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Intragastric Balloon System

The intragastric balloon system is a non-surgical aid in the treatment of obesity. It is a soft, expandable, silicone balloon that is placed inside the stomach through endoscopy. Once the balloon is inside the stomach, it is filled with saline solution through a small filling tube attached to the balloon. Once filled, the tube will be gently removed by pulling on the external end, leaving the balloon inside the stomach.

The balloon fills about 30% to 40% of the stomach capacity, increasing feelings of fullness with less food allowing the patient to effectively diet without being continuously hungry.


The balloon can remain placed inside the stomach for a period of up to six months in order to avoid the balloon material to be weakened by the acidic content of the stomach, causing it to deflate.When the weight loss goal hasn’t been reached, the balloon can be replaced with a new one after the six-month interval has been met. The balloon is removed in the same way it was placed, through endoscopy.

The intragastric balloon system is designed to assist with weight loss in people who are 10 to 15 kg above their ideal weight and who have failed to obtain long term weight loss with other weight control programs. The loss of the excess weight will be of about 70% in a six months period. It is important to understand that the intragastric balloon system is an aid to weight loss and must be used in conjunction with a diet plan, exercise program and a behavior modification therapy.