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Dr. Javier Gerardo De La Garza Leal


  • General and digestive tract surgery
  • Laparoscopic surgery
  • Endoscopy
  • Obesity surgery

Academic Degree and Postgraduate Studies:

  • Universidad de Nuevo León, Monterrey, N.L. México
  • Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, España
  • Houston Laser Institute, Houston Texas, USA
  • Harvard Medical School, Boston, Mass, USA
  • Centre Hopitalier Hutois, Huy, Belgium
  • Veato Mateo Hospital, Vigevano, Italy
  • Aaberg General Hospital, Switzerland
  • Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Cleveland, Oh, USA
  • European Surgery Institute, Hamburg-Norderstedt, Alemania

Professional Experience:

  • 26 years experience in general and digestive tract surgery
  • 23 years experience in laparoscopic surgery
  • 26 years experience in obesity surgery

Published Articles and Research Papers:

  • Sep 2008
    • Research and Innovation Health Week participant. Sharing Biomedical Research work in video: Jejunum Erosion by Adjustable Gastric Banding. Journal of Health Sciences Research. Volume 25, Number 8, September / December 2011, Pages 32-34
  • Oct. - Dec. 1999
    • Original Document Publication "Swedish Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Band". General Surgeon Magazine, Official Publication of the Mexican Society of General Surgery, General Surgeon Volume 21, Number 4, Page 305 to 309.
    • Swedish Gastric Band, the first 100 cases in Mexico. Laparoscopic Replacement from Lap Band to Swedish Gastric Band. Published in Le Journal of Coelio - Chirurgie of the European Journal of Coelio-Surgery. No. 29 p. 85. March 1999.
    • Mexico's First Comparative Study between Lap- Band and Swedish Adjustable Gastric Band. Laparoscopic conversion from Vertical Gastroplasty with Mesh to Adjustable Gastric Band . Published in the Video-Endoscopic Surgery magazine of the Video Endoscopic Surgery Society of Rio de Janeiro. F, Brazil, Vol . 2 No 3 pp . 320 and 321 July - Sept. 1998.
    • Laparoscopic conversion from Vertical Gastroplasty with mesh to Adjustable Gastric Band . Mexico's First Comparative Study between Lap Band and Swedish Adjustable Gastric Band. Obesity Surgery Volume 8 No 4 pp . 362 and 388 in August 1998.

Academic Experience, Membership and Associations:

Mar. 2010-2011 Endoscopy programs at Jackson South Community Hospital, Miami, Fl, USA.
Jan . - Dec 2009 Clinical Metabolic Diseases Certification, Nutrition and Obesity. Alianza Medica. Endorsed by the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) through fes Zaragoza.
1997 - 2008. International Laparoscopic Obesity Surgery professor (Bioenterics, Obtech and Johnson & Johnson).
Feb. 2005 Member of the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS).
Nov. 1999 to Nov. 2000: President of the Mexican Society of Obesity Surgery.
Nov. 1998 to Nov. 1999 Vice President of the Mexican Society of Obesity Surgery.
Sep. 1998 to date Member of the First International Symposium in Laparoscopic Obesity Surgery, Naples, Italy.
1997 to date Member of the International Federation for Obesity Surgery (IFSO)
Abr. 8-10, 1997 Swedish Gastric Band Workshop participant in Switzerland and Italy. Use of Swedish Adjustable Gastric Band Certification.
Aug 21-22, 1997 Laparoscopic Morbid Obesity Surgery Workshop Participant at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation in Cleveland, Ohio.
June 12, 1997 Needlescopic Digestive and Gynecologic Surgery Workshop Participant. Cleveland Clinic Foundation in Cleveland , Oh.
Dec. 1996 to date Founder and active member of the Association of General Surgery Specialists of Nuevo Leon, AC.
May. 13-14, 1996 Participant in the Lap-Band Workshop at Centre Hospitalier Hutois, Huy, Belgium Certification for Lap-Band use.
1996 to date Member of the Mexican Association of Laparoscopic Surgery.
1996 to date Member of the Mexican Society of Obesity Surgery.